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Realisation of the connect.

I believe that people are constantly connecting and de-connecting from each other.

Its a constant process, one that never exhausts itself in my view. 

I believe when you come in contact with someone for the first time or maybe for the hundredth time, you share a lot more than what you see. Sometimes, you don’t even see anything but yet, you know on an unknown level that its there.

That’s what I see when I quietly observe everyone around me in great detail. Especially the ones I see almost everyday. I know a lot about them because of their presence. Its because they’re unknowingly sharing a lot about them. All of us are. And even though we don’t trust anyone, we should, for they do know a lot about us.

A thing’s existence is never the issue from what I’ve learnt, its the realisation of that existence that creates or resolves the problem. 

If you realise its existence, you avoid problems. If you’re in dark, then well, you do know how life has been “unfair” to you in these couple of days or maybe months, probably even for these past years.

Afterall, ignorance has never been a bliss and we have known it at one point or another.

So the next time when some stranger tells you that, “Hey! I’ve seen you somewhere.” believe them, for they have seen YOU and not a SOMEONE LIKE YOU.



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