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1 year. Today.

//My spark will never dim.

Exactly a year ago, I craved for some space. A space where I wasn’t misjudged. A space where my existence was accepted and appreciated and my feelings could express themselves with no boundaries and fears.

This is when I found this. 

I took the courage, the initiative to bring out the best in me through this. WordPress. More of like wonderfulpress, to me. 

This platform woke up my inner reader, my inner inquisition that I had buried years ago in the process of almost losing myself back then. And I’m grateful, for I breathe to help many out there like the old me to see the colourful side of our individual precious lives.

My aim? 

All I want is people to inspire themselves to do something that they can call their heart beat, their own song, their own dance, their own art. Most of the times we disregard our self worth for the sake of something that’s superficial and not worth it. All I want is people to celebrate themselves everyday and live, for real.

I had started this blog with this hope, this dream to spread positivity and an energy that will drive us to make changes for us, and for the world. 

Someday, we will be great. Someday, you and I will be there.



An art enthusiast.

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