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The dark hour- A terror attack from the perspective of a terrorist

This is an entry for “Global Crisis Summit 2016’s Press Corps writing section.”

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Sunday, 30th November, 2008.

Stinking walls, a rusty basin and urinal in the corner covered in darkness is everything that surrounds me at the moment. 

Its only been 24 hours since they’ve put me in this hellhole and I already can’t think straight. I feel huge bags around my eyes due to sleep deprivation and today, my heart soars in pride as I reflect back on all the things that I’ve done so far.

Sometimes, even the baddest of things can lead to something big, something better and then the bad no longer seems like one.

For me, it started 6 years ago, but my real work began 6 days ago. The sea was our muse on a surprisingly bright day in this chilly winter when we began our voyage towards our “target”. 4 hours later, we anchored on the enemy coast and set off towards the marked areas. My colleagues took their positions as I stood behind my leader, ready with the AK-47 in hand in front of the railway station. On the count of 10, we marched inside and the leader began shooting like we did back home. I followed his suit as I ran towards the exit to prevent people from escaping the wrath of our firing. To me, their lives hardly made a difference as they were just filthy creatures who’ve harmed my men and women in the past. We’ve seen them getting tortured here back home and are here to put an end to it.

Later on, the leader walked me to a hotel that was built for the elite and we took everyone in sight as our hostages. Seeing the fear of death in their eyes brought a certain kind of peace to my heart that is indescribable in all terms. Their cries, their pain brought nothing but the satisfaction of completing my duty to me.

I’ve been brought up for this task in the world and feel no shame for the sake of my own people.

One day, I’ll be prayed to for today and the entire world will be mine and only mine. Even if I’m killed, I’ll be known as a martyr to everyone and eventually, they’ll bow down to me.

I was caught yesterday and locked up here where perhaps my tomb will be built. A memoir for my heroism will be written to commemorate me as the saviour of people from the dirty politics that kills our men everyday.

#Highlighting the Bombay attacks of 26/11.



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