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A letter to my civilian martyr.

“Dear loved one,

Just know that you’ve been a great citizen till the end until you became an innocent victim of political and social rage that empowered with time around you. The fall of an empire and the death of the emperor killed your family too. I know it all for I’ve seen it from behind you.

Everyday I saw you walking down the old street of the offices with terror in your eyes and the fear of harm captive in your heart. I’ve seen you not raising your head or your voice in front of the selfish bullies that claimed themselves as the ‘Messiah of the modern day.’ I’ve seen it and even I, have kept your secret thoughts in me like my own.

In these past years, you’ve been praying more than you did before and that seems to fear your wife and lift up the spirits of your mother. When your feeble kid asked you if the war is going to destroy your family, I remember you telling her to not worry for you were far, far away from all of the chaos.

But that fateful night has scarred her as much as it has scarred me; the difference being, she never got to see your bruised unrecognisable face, nor got to say you the bidding goodbye and the assurance of her love for you.

I tried to make them eat and sleep after you told me to take care of them, but all they did was cry till their tears and their blood dried up with their screams. Its quite haunting for them, the deadly silence that you left behind, with no fault of your own, but you being a mere martyr in the fight of many egoist groups.

Do sleep in peace for someday all of this is gonna end bitterly, when your family and the rest of them are going to join you, in a place for the living dead. And that day, all your fears, all your worries will be stacked away from you  for ever and ever and ever.


Your stranger friend in whose arms you took your very last breath.”

#On terrorism and dirty politics.



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