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Whirlwind of emotions. -A ballerina’s speech.


I could hear them call my name onto the stage and that’s when I could feel my heart beat real fast for the first time. I had never performed before in front of an audience for it was always me, my instructor and an otherwise empty dancing room keeping our identity safe. I heard them applaud to welcome me as my instructor led me on encouragingly. All these months of getting my steps perfect had finally narrowed down to this very moment. I could neither feel, see nor hear anything except me exposed in front of the bright spotlight.

The familiar sound began in seconds and my body moved rhythmically to it as if we were conjoined in the moment that solely belonged to us. I closed my eyes in accordance and soon, I felt all the elements that ever existed gush into me. I was no longer limited to my body or to the stage. I was with the nature; I was with the wind and its peaceful swaying, I was with the water and the fire in its own harmony, I was with the air and the ground in their blissful matrimony, I was with all of it.

The elements unknown called out to me, they needed me like I needed them. I did my pirouettes to the music of the materials and the existence of everything. I was no longer afraid for I wasn’t with the judging eyes but their ecstatic hearts. I was one with all.

The spinning came to a gracious stop as I did my last stretch to pay my respects and there went the thumping of hands in melodious claps. The one that encouraged me so that I could inspire, like many said and there my job was done. To inspire and to awaken. If someday my art were dying, I would still do it and extend help for others to follow as well for I know what it feels like to take in the scent of your kits in your hand for the first time, to get that one turn, that one stretch perfectly like a painted canvas and to be an organized, harmless and an impactful whirlwind of emotions through expression. I know it all for I’ve felt it deeply, very deeply that the sound of it still pumps my adrenaline just the way it had when I had first heard of it. Until then, it’s an another successful performance to my crown.

I missed you readers so much. Keep reading. 

Love, Nirmiti❤️



An art enthusiast.

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