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My sole movie review- #Boyhood

Ask me to review a movie or to share its storyline until the day I watched Boyhood and I would’ve laughed right in your face because let’s face it, I’m not at all good at renarrating movies and I don’t watch much of it anyways.
But you know, sometimes you just come across certain things, places or people and you just either entirely associate yourself with it or you relate and connect to some level.

It’s basically the same with me and this movie.

So here’s a movie review treat from me to you, my adorable readers.

Lead Cast:

 Ellar Coltrane as Mason Evans Jr.(Protagonist)

Patricia Arquette as Olivia Evans(Protagonist’s mother)

Lorelei Linklater as Samantha Evans(Protagonist’s elder sibling)

Ethan Hawke as Mason Evans(Protagonist’s biological father)

About the movie:

This movie is quite rare and special for it has been shot over a period of 12 years. It’s director, Richard Linklater wished to tell the story of a parent-child relationship that follows a boy from the first through the 12th grade and ends with him going off to college. 

The scripting of the film was based on the previous year’s documented footage and the shooting began in May 2002 when the lead, Ellar Coltrane was 7 years old and ended when he turned 19. 

The character’s plot points and their behavioral instincts have been extracted from parts of their real lives as and how it went which gives the movie a realistic approach.

Boyhood premiered theatrically on July 11,2014 to earn a 19th position ranking in the North American box office through its limited release in only 4 theatres. The rankings went upto the 11th position when it was widely released on August 11 in the same year.

Since then, the film has bagged many awards and titles to its name in various departments of the film industry. This year, Metacritic named it the most acclaimed film of the 21st century so far.

My views:

Honestly, according to me, this movie is a marvel in social, emotional and psychological aspects. It creates an impact on the audience in all the right places and fills you deeply emotionally. As a person who watches few movies, I couldn’t have asked for a better one.



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