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Why is social acceptance a mandatory whim of the present?

Because even though you don’t want to belong anywhere or to anyone, you simultaneously want to make a mark and leave an impact.

Because positivity and peace is a thing of the past and everyone’s last resort.

Because the fire signs are raging with the raging environment that envelopes you and is ready to blow you out of their comfort wombs that you had once taken misadvantage of.

Because fame is the current identity and publications and features are your present godparents.

Because, because.

The survival of the fittest by Charles Darwin has now woven itself not only in biology, but also in spirituality, mentality and all the other unknown zones that we feel.

The ancient theories and the golden written records are coming into light and marking its territory over your insensitive and insecure greens.

What have you done so far except getting noticed and attended to? Maybe, just maybe, we could all see beyond the horizons of our so called truth.

And therefore, becoming socially acceptable is like becoming a slave to the masters of falsity and treachery, which you have confused as your ultimate solace.

But the fact will always remain that sociality is always binding back your true senses and your hidden wings to freedom, thus binding you till eternity to this mortal life.


I want to give up and not give in to this stress that’s building up within me. Like I said, my mind is out of its normalcy and hence, this post.



An art enthusiast.

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