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My dishevelled death

After this, I firmly believe that you guys will think of me in new light. Let me tell you what you’ll assume. You’ll judge me to be a victim of severe depression or maybe a pessimist espousal. Damn. But you gotta know that I am none of the above. Infact, its funny enough to tell you that right now, I am at the highest peak of happiness in my life. Hard to believe? Me think so too. Anyways, read on to fuel up your sadist self within. 💁🏻

The voices in myy head shoutedd loud and clear, something which I couldn’t decipher. The air turned pale and cold, too odd to be a day but somehow, I was still warm. I walked but couldn’t feel the ground. Numbness tinged my breath but somehow, I was still alive.

Then it happened.

Thhe suddenness in everything was scary and I stood still, wanting to shut myself completely from the troubling sounds but in the end, wanting to cry at my failure. Ughh. Everything sucked right now. I felt like I was there but my presence was still anonymous even to myself.

How did this even happen?

I couldn’t recollect even the bit of anything. It made me helpless. It made me feel something that I myself couldn’t understand.

Whatever it is, its making me feel the death of me.

Then I woke up suddenly to a completely different place. Everything was gone.

Wait; was I only having a nightmare? I thought against it for it seemed so real. I rubbed my eyes but in vain.

 So I walked, longing to find familiar faces. Sadly, I couldn’t find any to my dismay.

Again I stood lonely, wanting to go back to normalcy like an addict wanting his bliss. I wanted to give myself in to whatever was happening but I feared losing myself. So I went on.

I shut my eyes and opened them again. 


I remember this place. My house from 10 years ago in time. Oh that’s me in the corner of the room playing.

I look small and innocence seems to radiate from the tiny me. 

Why am I even seeing all of this? I was still highly bothered and clueless. And it thoroughly bugged me every second.

Just when I couldn’t take it I felt someone nudge me but the person doing that wasn’t visible. So again, I did what I’ve been doing for the past hours I didn’t bother to count. I shut my eyes and opened them again to find my old mother…

How did she get this old? 

I found her embracing me tightly like she would never lose her sight from me again. I choked but yet, I felt amazing. I asked her what was happening but her embrace started fading away. I tried catching hold of it but I eventually lost it. I wanted to cry but again, I couldn’t. I wondered what was happening to me in real. 

That’s when everything that I was seeing broke apart like shattered glass pieces and brought me in the present.

All of my doubts suddenly went away somehow as I felt a deep excruciating pain in my heart and I realised what a painful, gradual death truly felt like in torturous fragments.

And that’s when I took my last breath, living my last identity amongst my horrendous nightmares and heavenly dreams which merged and got buried away with me, into the elements of the great unknown.


Okay yeah, hope you’re not crying by now. Please don’t.


I’ll try to be chirpier and merrier post boards. Okay?😂❤️ Love y’all.

//Check out my new story called “Maybe Some Other Time” on wattpad. Not including any part of it here because it is in the romance genre which I want to keep my blog away from. If you happen to read M.S.O.T. and my other blog posts and you want to tell me how you feel about it then do write to me Okay? Waiting for your thoughts.🙊//



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