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Midnight Champagne 

I missed y’all my beloved readers. I missed you so much. Dayuum🙈 So here’s a little try again at poetry which I think actually won’t make any sense but yeah, I wrote it right now because I wanted to show off my wonderful legs and heels with the title. Actually, the presence of this picture makes no sense at all. Yep.

Also, I started writing a romantic story on watt pad because I want to lay my hands on every possible social networking site and boast myself. Haha. I know I’m acting a little bit narcissistic but yeah again, whatever.

Btw, this poem is dedicated to my dream of becoming an architect which I had quite neglected in between. But I’m so glad to find my one true love back.(read: architecture) Haha. Coming up with a sadist write up after this. Enjoy peeps. Again, I love y’all so so much❤️❤️ 

Tonight, I’m one sip, two sip, maybe the entire bottle down.

I remember trying to collect my pieces together, holding them tight as they escaped from my tiny palms.

Maybe it’s wrong, maybe it’s right.

I don’t care what the voices in the world trying to tell me,

I don’t care whether I should stay or whether I shouldn’t.

But maybe, just maybe; this time I really should count myself in.

Running away from the back door in the eerie night is cowardice to me,

But staying back in the harsh daylight a sin.

The minds I shelter are fighting minuscule battles of their own,

But tonight, I’m gonna chuck them from misleading me.

So here’s what I’m gonna do,

No matter it pleases or displeases them,

No matter they disown or embrace,

I’m gonna stand strong

Stay a little bit tall

And I’m just gonna

Hold on my midnight champagne and shout out my dreams to them.

And then, 

I’m gonna recede 

the volumes of my magic tresses

Like the reckless tides of the ocean,

Hearing them

Cheer me again. 

 Leg appreciation picture😁🙈



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