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Dear BESTFRIEND, you’re the BEST.


So yeah, it’s my best friend’s 16th birthday and I wanted to do something extra sweet and special for her because she is one of my 4-5 best friends(like…truly a best friend) for whom I can even die if that would help them someday. Yes, she means A LOT. So this time, I didn’t call her at 12, instead, I decided to type this out on my blog which also means A LOT to me. So, yeah, I hope y’all readers are also keeping your real best friends pretty close to your hearts. Cheers!

Whereas for you best friend, here’s a heart-felt letter from me.


Remember that one time when you said that I really mean something to you? Yeah, I do too. So let me take a moment to tell you that I’ve always loved you. Always. Not only for being my best friend but also for being a part of me. The part which makes me a better person each day. Yes. You’re that important to me that I could lay down anything that you would ever need.I would never let a tear fall down your beautiful face that shines on your chocolaty complexion which by the way, really compliments your self. Yes. I hope to see that face whenever I wake up for school everyday, I hope to see you everyday.

I would never want to hurt you for you’re someone who would belong to me and my heart, and any sane person wouldn’t hurt themselves, now would they? Nope. I don’t think so.

So here’s what I want to do for your sweet 16. I want to make it sweeter for you by never letting you go like I left other people. I want to always be there for you and want to enjoy every bit of your memories with you, be it good or bad.(Bad, I pray shouldn’t happen to you.)

I want to laugh at you whenever you’re silly(which you RARELY are and I want to listen to you when you give me these really sensible advises(which you ALWAYS do.)

I want to listen to you for every second, every minute and every hour. I want to listen you speak nonstop about many things which never includes gossip(ha, we don’t even do that.). I want to see your sparkling eyes and drown myself happily in them whenever you speak of your dreams.

I want to walk with you every inch of this great road that we would encounter in the future. Basically, I just want to be that person whom you would love to have always by your side, till the last breath.

I want to tell each and every person who would gasp at our friendship with astonishment that “Yes, we’ve been best friends since school and it all started when we unknowingly came together in the same group due to our other best friends. Otherwise, she used to always trouble me. But now, together, we trouble others.”

Remember you were surprised when you realised that we never tell other that “Its a secret so keep it to yourself.”. See, that’s how much we trust each other. I trust you a lot more than I express. I do that because like I said, you are a part of me and I do remember calling you my family on many occasions. I owe you just for how you make me feel, the emotions I come across whenever I am with you are something that can never be penned down in my diaries.

So I guess, let’s just keep it that way for some things are never meant to be spoken of but just felt.

Shruti Sherlock Scott Holmes, I know that I may not be the perfect best friend that you would’ve wished for but all I want you to know is that everyday, I try a little more just to be there with you and provide for you in all the possible ways.

And again, here’s a part of me, completely and honestly dedicated to our friendship to carry on for ever(even though the forever bullshit hasn’t been described precisely as yet in novels and movies.)

So again, happy 16th you lukewarm sundays on winter mornings, the one who understands me without me uttering my words, the one who knows what I deserve in life much, much better than I do and the one whom I would never wanna share anyone with(although I do that with resistance buried within me); here’s a little gratitude for your presence in my life, for a pure wish to see you happy for many more years ahead that lies in front of you.

I love you.

ALWAYS AND FOREVER.(‘coz NALEY is life and so is SHRITI.)


Your OTH best friend.


DSCN0440I’m obsessed with your hair and our legs. Okay? #Not a creep.



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