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This is how I became.

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Be awesome because you belong only to yourself.

I feel the need to write this because I’m tired. I’m tired of all the snide remarks that people get for being what they are. YES, THIS IS FOR ALL THOSE WHO HATE ON OTHERS BECAUSE OF THEIR BODY. Do’t do it. You aren’t perfect yourself. Also, this is for all those WHO HATE THEIR BODY. IT’S SOMETHING THAT YOU SHOULD PROUDLY OWN AND NOT BE ASHAMED OF. Never change for anyone. NEVER. You are hurting yourself by doing so.

Another poem because I’d love you irrespective of your height,weight,structure. I’d always love you, you lovely human.


I walked down the old road of my memories,
Saw people who loved, and who hated me.

I met a short and plump girl
with many scars on her face.
She was hurt,
She was broke,
Getting beaten up
for being someone who wasn’t one of them.

I met a boy
who was rather skinny
with veins popping out of his fragile skin.
“There you go.” they said,
as they pulled out his shirt and short
and made him walk the ramp of shame.
I saw the girl and the boy
cry their hearts out at night
when the whole world lay asleep
they cried, they cried real hard
for being someone
whom nobody loved.

“Well, I’m going to be better someday.”
was the only thing
that both of them had to say,
as they put on their happy face.

I met the same boy and the same girl
who once were fragmented into pieces
are now people stormed with crowds flattering them

“How?” is what I thought.
And then I realised
The same short, plump girl
no longer had scars on her face,
but makeup in its place.
Her wiggly skin was now
tightly wrapped around her bones
And her height was royally raised
by tall and expensive stilettos.

The skinny boy was no longer skinny
he had muscles popping out even from his belly,
and happiness wore on his eyes
where those round spectacles had once resided.

And today,
both of them have to say only one thing,
“This is how I became
somebody so fake
for people to remain.”

“Maybe hurt did change them” I thought to myself
as I came back once again
into the present
walking merrily,
down my dear life.



An art enthusiast.

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