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Dear thepseudantonym, Thank you.

I honestly have no idea as to why am I writing it but yes, I guess it’s just a way to thank myself and probably to gain some sort of attention which I mostly don’t want. Oh wait. I remember why I am writing this. 

I just want to thank for creating a new me. Helping me out to channelize my inner thoughts in a better way. So yes this one’s for you.

Dear pseudantonym,

I honestly never thought that I would create you someday. I always had this feeling that maybe my real voice would be buried inside my diaries and my sketches and that no one would ever hear it. So thank you.

For being the platform through which I can actually portray who I am for real. I am just done pretending to be someone I don’t know nothing about in truth. I am done hiding myself, afraid of the fact that people would not really love me if I showed them “the real me”. But honestly, after creating you I couldn’t feel any better about myself.

All these years pretending to be someone else has only made me degrade myself in front of me. Right now, I am definitely sure that I’m sounding quite self-centred but anyway, I am going to continue this letter no matter how self-obsessed it seems.

Oh yes, how can I forget that this letter is not actually meant for my blog self but for all those people who have hidden themselves in this world. This one letter is for all those who are afraid, to let themselves out and give an another chance.

An another chance at being you and not giving a care about what others really think. Honestly, the people you are afraid of are actually afraid of themselves. They are afraid to be someone they are and they want you to feel the same way so that somewhere down the line, you can connect. That is quite misleading because we all are MEANT TO BE DIFFERENT and unique. Your identity, your thoughts, your feelings are solely meant to be yours and not shared by any other person. I think it’s high time that people need to break all the existing norms and clichés and create variety. Don’t you see the nature enveloping you? Isn’t it different and varied but at the same time so enthralling that you can’t help but wish the more of it?

The rainbows with colours that are only seven but so diverse that you describe your joyous moments with them; the paintings, the sketches, the travelling. Ever wondered why do you love it so much? Because it’s a wonderful change to your monotonous lifestyle. It’s the rainbow coloured paint to your black and white margined drawing. It’s the highlighter of your similar appearing words. The stress of your speech and the frame on your bedroom wall. Something that you die to hear in a song or in music. Something that you wish to be permanent, but yet find it rarely.

Yes, each one of you out there is a loveable person. Each one of you is that wonderful and distinct feature, the unique characteristic that I mentioned above and you, my dear, just need to be you to outshine. Cut off the competition of being at par in everything,for you will succeed like sun rays falling on the dark floor. You are you and no body can take that away from you.

See. I wouldn’t have been able to take this out without you. These letters would’ve just been confided in my little diary if I hadn’t decided to create you. So thank you thepseudantonym, thank you and most importantly THANKING YOU ALL READERS for letting me be my true self.

With utmost love and encouragement,





An art enthusiast.

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