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The midnight lamp burner.

To the girl who stays so far from me, yet feels so close to my heart.
To the girl who stays so far from me, yet feels so close to my heart.

We stay quite far away from each other. Not in different states but totally in different countries, countries that hate each other and will probably never get back with each other. Yes, she lives in Pakistan and I am here in India. She’s 18 and I’m 15 but yes it actually doesn’t matter who we are or where we come from. I love who she is and what she does. So yes, this is just a post for her, a post to appreciate her.
Thank you Fiahh. This one’s for you.

“Ahh. It’s only 1am. Seems like I’ll be sleeping early tonight.” she said to herself as she shut down her laptop.
This is the life of the midnight lamp burner.
Someone who isn’t the usual sadist, thinking about things for entire nights. Someone who isn’t dark.
And this someone is not my imaginary negative character this time.

Just like all other teenagers, I too, met her a few days back on some social app. If you look her at a glance then she seems like every other teenager, but if you go deep inside her being, she is special. Yes, I do know that we all are special but for me what she does is special.
We have many things in common. Both of us love to write and have created our blogs, but the difference is that I write for myself, I write to quench my thirst for writing and sometimes, even venting out my feelings in a different manner; but she, oh no she did not create a blog for that. She writes for others. She loves to convey their feelings through her blog and give their feelings and emotions a wonderful chance. She expresses for people whereas I, express for myself.

So yeah, I have learnt a lot of things from this amazing girl who came in my life just a few days ago.
She has simply taught me that sometimes you just need to do things not only for yourself, but for others and that, trust me, will definitely make you far more happy. Yes, there are experiences that make you. Then there’s time, that also builds you up and sort of mould you. But the fact that remains is, you need to understand what you got to do and who you need to be.
You know yourself the best and there’s nothing that you do think and do for yourself that can ever be considered wrong. You’re your own mentor and your own best friend. The best judge and the biggest critic.
And maybe sometimes, even the baddest of decisions and situations can bring out something amazing that you’ll be proud of in the long run. And to be someone else’s story writer, someone else’s voice that seemed broke long ago; I’m definitely sure that it must make your worries part from you.

She, is my midnight lamp burner and I, well, I’m just proud of her.



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