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My mind is a mindless traveller.


People have always loved travelling be it any time, any age. They always had a wish to travel to places and explore stuff which can make huge memories. But did you ever realise that even your mind travels? Did you ever know that even your heart travels between spaces and time every second you had a thought about something? Well, my mind does and it is, a mindless traveller.

p.s This is a pure work of original fiction.

We travel a lot. We travel to places which are best left undiscovered by anyone. We don’t need some passport or visa to travel. Because we, are the regulars.

Travelling through the distances into far unknown, life seems to be a better place to live. We travel through the words and the pictures, we travel through the monuments and scenic places. We fall in love with the scene more than anything else. And that love is best left unspoken.

Nowadays, everyday seems like a dream come true and every night seems like home. No, we don’t wish to settle, we just wish to travel with no one by our side except ourselves.

Yes, we are the human beings and each of our minds is just another mindless traveller who fulfils a thought seen long ago.
We don’t wait for anyone’s permission, we just move on. Through the tough and the simple times. Running along the time, our life seems to be futile, but our hearts seems satisfied with the run. The conquest of life and truth has always awaited our presence and will continue to do so in the future, because my dear, our souls aren’t in unison with the heavenly universe right now. And you, need to know that no matter what, attachments are always gonna sleep by your bedside at each midnight.



An art enthusiast.

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