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Let the things be.


Each one of us have some or the other thought process going on in our head all the time. Be it about anything or anyone. We do tend to think about things. And my diary for the soul entries will give a glimpse as to how I talk to myself about things which I can’t speak up to someone. So yeah, hope it inspires even you to think about things that will really take you ahead. Ahead, in time and soul.

p.s You are never going to find tough words in my posts. Do accept my limited word usage.

The dark clouds above seemed to soak in the depressed weather happily. I was walking down the same old road, captivated by my surroundings.

Even though the climate appeared dull, my heart seemed to soar up into high spirits. A warm and fresh feeling of freedom felt deep in my veins. It felt as if I had got an another chance.

Another chance at life. A chance to improve myself and be a better person.

Yes, life did take me on the wrong path and changed me completely. Yes, I did make mistakes but I certainly have no regrets for committing them, for life had taught me to be mature and able enough to handle myself and those around me with those mistakes. I learnt from my thoughts and actions and maybe that’s what matters in the end. How you learn and what you learn is quite important than what wrongs did you do.

The journey of our soul isn’t perfect and so aren’t we. We all commit, but in the end we’re also obliged to learn and live. Breath is not the sole criterion of life. There are many other aspects and elements that make us and we should be grateful that we get a chance; that we get another day to see what lies ahead of us.



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