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About me. Obvs.


So basically I’m just another teenager stuck up in this competitive world.

Unable to get a chance to express my feelings and thoughts through my words in the past, I’ve decided to reach out to all of you through my posts by the name of “thepseudantonym”. 

But I’m not so anonymous because my name’s Nirmitii.💁🏻

The reason why I have selected this website because it is a powerful social medium which can touch a million hearts in fractions of seconds.

My blog name “thepseudantonym” is split into 3 words, •the •pseud •antonym. Pseud means a pretentious person who claims to know a great deal about art, literature,etc. The word antonym means the opposite. So yeah, I hope you got the idea as to why have I chosen this name.

Now, I’m going to stop giving you futile information. Just a hope that you’ll accept me as one of you and will guide me throughout my journey on this site. Suggestions are always appreciated.

Dear reader,

Welcome to my little world.





An art enthusiast.

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